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At AliveDrip you will receive the necessary attention from your practitioners with a holistic and medical approach. Your health is determined by a delicate balance between nerves, hormones, organs and organ systems. This balance is affected by genetics, lifestyle, emotional state, and environment. Imbalances in one or more of these areas often give rise to diseases that can be difficult to explain, much less treat. AliveDrip Wellness is a multi-dimensional approach to health care that understands the crucial difference between the symptoms of disease and the causes of disease. With a powerful mind-spirit component, it incorporates brain-body dynamics and reveals how, for good or ill, our psychology always affects our biology and vice-versa. Much emphasis is placed on emotions and how they can make us sick, as well as why certain people are prone to specific illnesses. Following a comprehensive examination and related tests, a personalized healing protocol will be designed that may include, among other components, herbal and nutritional supplements, individually formulated homeopathic tinctures, essential oils, guided meditations, emotional release exercises, lifestyle changes and one or more of our holistic-healing and detoxification treatments. Because we are an integrative medical center, we acknowledge that pharmaceuticals are sometimes necessary, but in our experience, many patients drastically reduce or stop their prescription medications over time. Call Now to make an appointment with Monika Emad or with Dr. Schenker to start finding the reasons of your unexplained changes.

Environment, Nutrition and Genetics 

Have you started to notice changes to your body, but cannot seem to pinpoint want may be causing them? Do you wonder how your lifestyle and natural environmental factors may be affecting you in ways you have not anticipated? Everything about the world around you can impact your health, and certain lifestyles may be more susceptible to cause negative effects than others. Environmental medicine allows for the effective testing and understanding about your personal levels of metals, toxins, mold, and more. Our board certified specialists will guide you to evaluate and monitor levels of potential harmful factors in your bloodstream. Multiple natural lifestyle events may cause exposure to things like:

·  Metals

·  Chemical toxins

·  Mold

·  Allergens

·  Carcinogens

These factors may affect the body and manifest themselves in different ways, such as:

·  Behavioral changes

·  Abdominal pain

·  Muscular weakness

·  Memory loss or brain fog

·  Nerve damage or complications

·  Rash

·  Allergies

·  Migraines 

·  Nauseas

Each person experiences these agents differently, but if you are concerned about the potential harm they may be causing to your body, we recommend a consultation with our team in Montclair. Integral Medicine testing may help you better understand what is happening to your body as well as determine a path to wellness.

What Could I Expect from Testing?
The process of testing your body for levels of toxins or harmful factors is relatively simple. Common typespp of testing includes: blood, saliva or urine samples. One test may be able to effectively identify the levels of multiple things within your blood, but individual tests may need to be performed. It is important to remember that you body does require some levels of some agents for normal health function. However, elevated levels on specific toxins, enzymes, proteins or metals require further medical care and attention.

Why Is Environmental Medicine Important?
To live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to fully understand everything about yourself and health. Measuring the levels of specific components or other factors in your body can help address other concerns, such as:

·  Allergies

·  Cancer

·  Autoimmune diseases

·  Alzheimer

·  Dementia

·  Parkinson’s 

·  Chronic conditions

·  Cognition

·  Fertility

·  Aging

Tests Offered

·  Micronutrient panel

·  Metabolic Panel

·  Methylation test

·  Hormone test

·  Toxicologic 

·  Genetic testing for predispositions

·  Genetic cancer test

·  PGX (pharmacogenetics)

·  Allergy Test

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