Our Team


Dr. Samuel Schenker

Medical Director - Board Certified Neurologist / Interventional Pain Management Specialist and General Wellness Expert


Kim Wolverton, RN

Wellness Coach 

Certified Registered Nurse


Monika Emad, CHHP

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Dr. Nick Kuzmanovski

Innovative Musculoskeletal Recovery 

Certified in FAKTR and IASM


Nader Merhi

Marketing Specialist & 

Wellness Advocate

Why Our Iv Therapy Drips?

AliveDrip Lounge follows strict guidelines and standards to ensure each patient receives the highest quality vitamins compounds from the best pharmacies, FDA accredited only. This ensures that it has gone through a set of sterile processes and quality assurances, meeting the highest standards. Our facility follows strict sterilization protocols and standards to provide a safe environment for you. Our health practitioners are available to consult any questions you may have prior to your IV Vitamin therapy and our highly trained staff will suggest which therapy may be the best option for you. In addition, we offer in house blood drawn services for micronutrient and genetic testing to save your valuable time going to labs. 

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